Saturday, July 08, 2006

In the search of…

Yesterday was one of the most exciting and instructive day in my life. Well…the story is not very long…but still it forced me to think...and I am very sure that you will also start thinking as soon as you finish reading this story….
So…it starts like this…
It was a very bright day. The sun was smiling at Mumbai after 5 days. I was in hurry to reach the college. I was late because the trains were surprisingly (?) late. I reached the college. Huh!.. the lectures were yet to be started. (Well. guys…this part may sound irrelevant but its part of my 1 day…please be patient and scroll down.).
After that nothing much happened. I was waiting for my best friend to be there at 11:30… till that time I was supposed to do time pass. So… we decided to do some thing constructive. Me and my two friends were sitting in canteen and grubbing food started talking about each other. It was not different than giving testimonials. Well…whatever we spoke about each other was part of our observations. And you know what… the truth is always always always deceptive. I was very disappointed to know the high opinions of my friends about me. Moreover disappointed by the fact that they couldn’t find any vice in me! I can understand it as they know me just for 1 and half year. But then the questions come…do the people who have spent their whole life with you really know you very well…or you are always a mystery for everyone including you… why do we need others to talk about us, why cant we judge ourselves neutrally,
Why on this earth no one is able to conclude about any person so confidently and perfectly… Are we always trying to put an impression on others…whatever it may be! I can’t put my all questions here…but then I was thinking for a long time… I was there with my friends…standing in the crowd but still cocooned inside my thoughts.
My friend came at 11:20. We left the college and had lunch at one of my friends place. We were supposed to go to state bank of India which is at fort. The appointment was at 3 pm. We were in train…not talking much. Actually I have noticed it many times…when you are with your old friends; you don’t need to speak out everything. They just understand your mind by your touch or your expressions. It is the best part of friendship.
We were there at fort. My friend was infact ‘is’ very supportive. She was handling everything though it was my work. Strange!! I don’t know how will I do something in future when she will not be there for me!..umm…That’s a different story.
Well…work was done… I got permission to have case study in SBI. I was very happy. But more than that hungry. So we had veg roll at Churchgate station. Uhh…it was as bad as hell. We were damn hungry so we somehow managed to push it into our stomach. But everything has a limit…and it was limit to have bad food. We were seriously planning to kill that man for selling such third class food. The third thought came into my mind was to sue him for swindling two innocent girls. second thought is not sharable.
After some time we were on marine drive having sea wind and that rotten food in our hand. We were searching a dustbin. Now here comes the most ironic part of my journey. The BMC was renovating marine drive with fixing granite. It was no doubt looking very beautiful. But the main point was how are they going to manage to maintain it as good as it is today when there is no instrument to digest the organic and inorganic waste produced by humans!….the search was on…we were moving towards Charni road with the same things with us…
The water of the sea was not very different than Mahim creek. Still BMC was claiming of beatification of marine drive!! Congrats to them!
The distance we covered was 2.5 Kms and still were in search.
But wait…where there is will there is way and where there is rubbish there has to be dustbin…however far it may be!....we finally found one near Charni road and thanked BMC for fixing that really beautiful and cute dustbin which was visible to only those who desperately wanted their food to be in it!.....
The story was very long but more than that my thoughts are crossing the limit of length…they are not stopping…And I really don’t feel like being thoughtless…
So…I continue….
Whatever I have mentioned till now seems like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. They don’t have meaning when they are single nor they make meaning when they are not arranged properly…so moral of the story is:
We always keep on thinking…think about us, our friends, society…wherever we go…whatever we see we keep on thinking and analyzing, criticizing it. Sometimes it results fruitfully…sometimes we just waste time. Sometimes we ignite flame of same thought in others and are the pioneer! Well no one can exactly describe what thoughts can do... But the thoughts came in my mind yesterday were very instructive for me. They just didn’t flash and go. These thoughts have affected me deeply. Please don’t ask me how that thought of killing man and suing case are valid…I am not only talking about the people and BMC and Mumbai…they are dealing with psychology of common people. We all are common and at the same time uncommon in some other way…we should think about it and explore more and actually implement the positive changes… I was actually searching a dustbin which led me to think about our system. It forced me to think about the senseless system and so called citizens which include us. Are all these things justifiable? Lets think and try to answer this question………………….

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

आजच का तुझी याद आली
आजच का मन पिसे झाले
आजच का ह्रदयात माझ्या
भावनांचे काहुर माजले?

आजच का चेतना जागल्या
आजच क दर्याही उसळला
आजच का हे मळभ दाटले
आजच का अश्रूही बरसले?

आजच का हे असेच घडले
आजच का ते तसेच घडले
आजच का विचारात मग्न
आठवणीत मी बुडुन गेले...

आठवणीच्या नादात तुझे
मखमली स्वर गुरफटले गेले
रोजच्याच प्रश्नांतून नेमके
आजच का हे गीत उमटले?

आजच का अंधार जाहला
आत कसला विस्तव पेटला
आजच का शब्दांच्या निखाऱ्यांतून
रोम रोम पेटुन उठला!

this poem is still incomplete....please suggest ur additions to complete it..thanks..


Thursday, May 25, 2006

मी पाहिलं होतं तिला खूप खूप पूर्वी
मला पाहून ती गोड हसली होती
चिमुकल्या हातात तिच्या
माझा हात अडकला होता
इवल्याश्या हास्यात तिच्या
साऱ्या विश्वाचा आनंद होता.
निघून गेली ती आईबरोबर तिच्या
मला वाटलं भेट होणार नाही पुन्हा...
मग मी तिला विसरलो ती मला
दिवसांवर दिवस जात राहिले
वर्ष कशी गेली कळलंच नाही मला.
धाड! धाड! कानठळ्या! आक्रोश किंकाळ्या
आगीत होरपळणाऱ्या जीवांचं रडणं! मृत्यूचा तो तांडव कोणी घडवून आणला,
त्या गोंडस बाळांना गोळ्या झाडताना काहीच का वाटलं नाही त्यांना..?
धर्मरक्षक म्हणत होते स्वतःला म्हणून माणुसकीचा गळा घोटला?
सर्वांचे संसार जाळून तोडून ह्यांनी कोणता धर्म जगवला?
विचारांच्या वादळात समोरची आग शांत झाली होती
दगडासारखी माणसं माणुसकीचे अवशेष काढत होती.
तेवढ्यात मी पाहिले, काळजात धस्स झाले..
पटत नव्हते तरी जवळ जाऊन पाहिले
तीच! हो! तीच होती ती!
चिमुकले हात मोठे झाले होते
चेहऱ्यावरचे हास्य मात्र तसेच होते..
माणुसकीचं निर्मळ हास्य त्यांना
कधीच मिटवता येणार नव्हते
त्यांना हवे ते त्यांना चुकूनही मिळणार नव्हते.
विजयी मुद्रेने मी वर पाहिले...
धर्मरक्षकांचा नेहमीसाठी पराजय झाला होता
त्यांनी केलेल्या जखमेचा व्रण नाहीसा होत होता..

Saturday, May 20, 2006

स्वप्न ...पुढे काय?
सगळे विचारतात पुढे काय करणार
डॉक्टर होणार की इंजिनिअर होणार?
मी सांगते....काय सांगते?
मी काय सांगणार! येणारा दिवसच सांगणार..
मला खूप काही करायचे आहे पण
आयुष्य खूप छोटे आहे...
मला कोणासारखं नाही व्हायचय,
मला स्वतःला सिध्द करायचयं.
मी आहे विक्षिप्त मी आहे मुर्ख
नको ते विचार करण्यातच मी गर्क..
मला शोधायचय सातवं क्षितिज
मल शोधयचाय इंद्राचा स्वर्ग
मला शोधयची आहेत आपंली मुळं
मल उठवायची आहेत समाजातली खुळं..
जागं करायचयं सर्वांना..‌सुजाण करायचय स्वतःला.
मला शोधायचाय 'स्व ' स्वतःतला, मला 'स्व' दाखवून द्यायचाय तुमच्यतला..
मला सगळ्यांना खुश पहायचयं,
मला तुमच्यात स्वतःला पहायचयं...
मला ना डॉक्टर ना इंजिनिअर
ना पत्रकार ना चित्रकार
ह्या सर्वांच मिळून काहीतरी बनायचय..
मला नकोयत पुस्तकं आणि वह्या
निरर्थक आकडेमोड आणि माहिती
मला असं शिक्षण द्या जे माणूस बनवेल सर्वांना.
पोट भरायला शिकायचयं का स्वतःला शोधायला शिकायचय?
मी पैसे कमवायला शिकणार? पैसे कमवून सुखी होणार?
सुखी झाले तर स्वप्नांचं काय होणार..
तो स्वर्ग, ते सातवं क्षितिज सगळं धुळ होणार...
असच सगळे जगत असतात
मीही कदचित असच जगेन
उद्या कोणी पाहिला आहे....
असेल तर खरं काय होणार ...खरंच कोणी सांगेल...